Should I talk with a bank before looking at homes?

If you want to use a mortgage, it might be useful to know in advance how much you can borrow

Should I buy or continue to rent?

This depends on your financial situation, you can also get informed, but often the rents in Thailand are very favorable compared to for example Europe.

I own a home, should I buy another before selling my current home?

It is better to sell your current home first to avoid double taxation or to do so as an investment.

Do I really need a Realtor when buying a home?

Taking an agent is certainly useful if you are unwell in Thailand and are not aware of the rules and legislation.

Can a foreigner buy land in Thailand ?

A foreigner can not buy land, so if you want to buy a house, you do this on the name of a company or on, for example, the name of your wife. An foreigner can buy an apartment. An agent can always help you to set up a company, but this of course involves costs.

What is the difference when buying an apartment with Thai name or Foreigner name?

A foreigner can only buy and own an apartment when it is a foreign name. If you would like to know for sure, please contact an agent at all times.

How are the schools?

There are many international schools in Thailand that provide good education. You will certainly find them in the larger cities.

What are the average utility bills?

This is a frequently asked question, but this is of course dependent on many things. You can also count on each other whether you cook every day and whether the air conditioning is always on. I can give an example from my own experience concerning a one bedroom condo where we cook almost daily and the airo is on every night. The costs including water are around 1500 THB per month. Here too, an agent can advise you.

Ask about property

If you have questions about a specific offer, you can consult the relevant agent or contact us where we will introduce him / her to you.


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